Lívia Humaire gained huge projection in the years of 2018, 2019 and 2020, in the main media of Brazil.
Since the ideation, articulation and foundation of the first Zero Waste space in Brazil, it brought together, after years of research and experience, approximately 80 local and external suppliers, and more than 500 products to reduce waste. Not only, Lívia, because she already has a background and previous knowledge, managed to adapt the concept to the whole Brazilian reality according to social peculiarities and the system of laws and technicians in her country. From that point on, the Zero Waste business gained great prominence and an avenue was paved!
She is also knowledgeable and articulates with approximately 36 zero-waste spaces around the world, expanding her knowledge in product solutions and also ecological services, in addition to studying the movement academically today in Switzerland.
Her trajectory before and after the opening of the first Zero Waste space in Brazil gained prominence in the country's various communication channels. Case of innovation, case of success, cover stories, among others, episodes and series, are part of the compilation below.
Currently Livia is dedicated to GET, a project that aims to expand the limits of the Zero Waste movement to a second level. The GET project proposes personal and social questions so that the relationship between nature, society and products can become really sustainable, what Livia called Ecological Transitions.

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And they are not limited to the personal journey and the foundation of MAPEEI, Lívia (now in Switzerland) is preparing to “give birth” another equally inspiring and necessary initiative. The Global Ecological Transitions was born with the aim of organizing the ethical transparency behind the products we choose to consume. It is a methodology that (mathematically) analyzes 90 aspects that, combined, result in a note that indicates the “degree” of socio-environmental responsibility that the product brings in its production chain.


Folha Carreiras - More than having a business of its own, the intention of geographer Lívia Humaire, 35, when opening Mapeei - A Life Without Plastic, in September 2018, in São Paulo, was to help people reduce the production of household waste .

Photo: Lucas Seixas


Zero trash class: paulistanos who strive to reduce waste. In a city that produces 20,000 tonnes of dirt a day, some residents lessen their impact with simple, everyday measures..

By: Pedro Carvalho

Photo: Alexandre Battibugli

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In other words, the time to “transition” to a more conscious life is now. I usually use the term “ecological transitions” precisely because I know that it is not enough to want to remove plastic from our lives in one stroke. It is difficult, like building any new habit. You have to take it easy so you don't go back in a few weeks.

By Lívia Humaire for the Folha de SP newspaper

Destaque Sebrae - Success Case

"There is no way to be within the concept of real sustainability, if the production chain is not socially and environmentally responsible", says Lívia.

Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios - TV

Zero Waste Business, Lívia Humaire's pioneering spirit with the application of the zero waste concept.

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Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios

Geographer Lívia Humaire decided to open a store that helps her customers to reduce their waste. It was at the end of 2014 that Lívia had her first contact with the zero waste movement.

Quebrando Tabu - Climate Change

40 minute episode on Climate Change, in which alongside Gilberto Gil, Hélio Mattar, Elizabeth Kolbert, the style of life of Lívia and her family is identified as one of the solutions to the problems of climate, inequality and consumption./span>

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Folha de São Paulo, 2018 - caderno especial Economia Limpa

Zero Waste Movement spreads ideas to reduce leftovers and reuse everything. Consumers stop buying and make products at home to reduce waste generation.

Folha de São Paulo, 2018 - caderno Sobretudo

São Paulo will win a store with products to reduce waste.

Vida Simples - A better world

Bringing the experience to the general public was Lívia's idea, who wanted to make the daily lives of people who sought to be more sustainable more practical ...

foto divulgação: Patrícia Stavis

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Catraca Live, 2018 - The Best Sustainable Solutions

Zero waste lifestyle wins product store in São Paulo. The store, by the way, is a mirror of its founder's own lifestyle. “As soon as I started studying geography in Florianópolis, I was already interested in the topic”, says Livia..

Foto divulgação: Andre Stefano

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July without plastic: she wants to create the first zero waste store in Brazil - and you can help - Recently, I was even more attentive to the work of this brave woman, simply because she faced a beautiful project by creating the first zero waste store in Brazil . There are already several spaces like this abroad...


Reducing waste production to zero is still a challenge - Renata Falzoni and Fabíola Cidral talk to Lívia Humaire, creator of the first brazilian store that encourages zero waste consumption. They also discuss whether it is possible to live without plastic.

Nacional News

“The straw was the start of an awareness movement for many people. I think our planet needs this a lot, to think together about a solution. ”, says geographer Lívia Humaire.

Gazeta News

The culture of life without plastic is getting stronger - More and more people are looking for alternatives to avoid the use of plastic and new businesses have emerged. In some establishments, here in São Paulo, sustainability is a priority.

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Other interviews in Portuguese:

Sebrae Agency - 'Zero Waste' encourages green businesses.,47613f701a780710VgnVCM1000004c00210aRCRD

Yam with you - Activist in the zero waste movement, the geographer and entrepreneur Lívia Humaire has visited, in recent years, more than 35 establishments that follow the concept.

“The main objective is to disseminate the concept. People arrive at the store looking for three products, and we explain that only one can solve her issue. The business must also be sustainable in terms of ethics, ”says Lívia.

Exame Magazine - Opened just over two months ago in a gallery on Rua Augusta, in São Paulo, the store came about because of the entrepreneur Lívia Humaire's concern with the problem of disposable plastics, so present in our lives, in dumps and in the oceans. It also arose from a long-term change in the entrepreneur's life, which began to reduce waste in 2014, when she tried to make a Christmas dinner more sustainable.

Menos 1 Lixo (Less 1 Trash) - "We have reached the limit. We have already shattered the ecological systems that sustain life on our planet. Science has been warning us about this for years."

Você SA Magazine - Geographer Lívia Humaire is an example. In 2014, he decided to change consumption habits and reduce 85% of his family's waste production, documenting everything on social networks (her Instagram @transicoes_ecologicas has 12,000 followers).

Ciclo Vivo (Living Cycle) - Lívia, a researcher and activist for the environmental cause, reduced the production of waste by her family, made up of two adults and a child, by about 80%. “Our weekly purchase does not generate waste, we compost organic products at home, we have not used PET bottles for four years. The bathroom and laundry also do not generate packaging or any chemical emissions in the effluents.”

Casa Vougue -“The issue of garbage was politically constructed, separating garbage at home does not make people more sustainable, because it makes no sense to separate if garbage is not being recycled. There is a lack of real information on sustainability, ”says Lívia. Which makes your initiative more than necessary.

Recicla Sampa - São Paulo has just won a new store of products without plastic, which also serves as a support space for those who want to have a more sustainable life. Located on Rua Augusta, the new store arose from the entrepreneur Livia Humaire's desire to reduce the amount of waste and especially disposable plastics.

UOL Urban Taste - Lívia asked her producers to adapt, remove plastic seals or even change parts components. Several see this as an opportunity to improve their products ...

Portal W3 - One of the founders of the store is called Lívia and she is today one of the great names in the sustainable lifestyle.

The Greenest Post - Conceived by the entrepreneur Lívia Humaire , the initiative works in a gallery in downtown São Paulo.

Organics Brasil - Concerned about the problems of disposable plastics, the entrepreneur Lívia Humaire opened the country's first Zero Waste store, located in Sao Paulo.

Catraquinha Livre - Zero Waste: mother and daughter organize sustainable birthday party.

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