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We are part of a system that obliges us to consume in a linear way. This system (or economy) is formatted as follows: take-make-waste. An economy based on infinite growth inevitably leads to the exhaustion and deterioration of ecosystems, increasing inequality and poverty worldwide. This outdated model is leading to mass extinctions and the destruction of indigenous populations, culture and knowledge.

In recent years, we have seen a shift in consciousness and the a movement towards other ways of inhabiting the planet, such as: veganism, ecofeminism, zero-waste, permaculture, smart cities, etc. We believe that together all of these movements are necessary to interrupt the current process of destruction and extinction on our planet.

In order to transition to a sustainable economic system, we need to strengthen the people, communities and brands that seek a new way forward. We need to drastically reduce the consumption of products relying on fossil fuels. At the same time, we also have to consider the impact of these products and their raw material at their place of origin. Fair labor practices and an economy that supports local communities are key components of global sustainability.

GET aims to break away from the current economic system investing in truly sustainable projects that respect both the planet and its inhabitants.

Our methodology involves an in-depth analysis of our products, ensuring that each conforms to a strict set of evaluation criteria. We verify more than 90 aspects of the product to guarantee that what you consume is truly sustainable, respects the environment and promotes social and economic development at the place of origin.


At GET, we work with three types of sustainability indicators: social, economic and environmental. These indicators are powerful tools not only for the evaluation of the final product, but also of the entire production chain. Our indicators give a global vision of whether a product can be considered sustainable or not. In addition, they highlight parts of the production chain that need improvement and can aid producers in providing a product that truly respects the planet.

Using the three indicators – social, economic and environmental - as pillars, the products are carefully analysed considering more than 90 aspects, from the extraction of raw material to the end of the product’s life.

Through GET's methodology, the product receives a sustainability index and a score for each of the three indicators analyzed, all of which are disclosed to the producer and the consumer.

In this way, we bring transparency not only to the producer, who will have clarity on how to improve the sustainability of the production process and product, but also to the consumer, who will be able to consciously reflect on his/her consumption.

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